Mexico 2016. Up Rockstar ante! Part 2.

So, i forgot to mention in my last post that the walk through the marina the day before had some seriously interesting results. It may have been a dangerous Mexican setup or it was going to be an epic afternoon not soon forgotten.

He’s a travel agent at the light house on the marina board walk. We’re two young guys looking to do and be crazy. He shows us a few and we eventually pick out a yacht! It comes with a captain, a bar tender, Coronas, 4  beautiful women for company  and more party favours. $800 for 5 hours including tips. We spend another $50 on whiskey, vodka, Patron tequila, mixers and snacks. Wtf! We are probably gonna get robbed or kidnapped tomorrow. This is just too good to be true.

We walk up to him in the afternoon. He takes us to the yacht and says pay me when you’re back, I know the tip will be better then (smart move!). The girls are gorgeous. He says they want to party and are down for literally whatever. We take off cruising the coast. So far so good.

A couple hours later my boy jokes that Dan Bilzerian would be proud. Everyone’s topless drinking and dancing. The next thing I know I’m in the cabin with one of the girls. She jokes that I won’t get it up because of all the alcohol and other shit I’ve done. I guess she doesn’t know the original blue pills are sold over counter at the marina pharmacy. Hah. She puts her tongue ring in for me too, why was it out?! I don’t even remember how much the boat is rocking, or if we were rocking the boat! It’s all a blur after another girl comes and joins us, and it’s not even crazy, it’s extremely sensual. Damn..

Evening rolls around and the captain and skipper are impressed. We just had a fucking blast and are still standing strong! The skipper asks if he can light a joint. I say no with a straight face, just before he puts it away I tell him I’ll light it for him. Damn he laughs out surprised. Today goes down in the history books as the craziest substance cocktail I’ve ever experienced. Never again though! That’s how Dan had a heart attack I later learn! But I can see why he did it so much, what an experience.

In the midst of all this debauchery, my mind realises I’d rather be doing all this (alone and a little less crazy) with the ex wife who broke my heart. She’s still haunts my memories. This helps numb the pain. But I know it’s not going to fix me. Fuck it. We’re going salsa dancing and gourmet(ish) Mexican tonight. Bury those thoughts. Ace is piloting this crazy adventure, not you…

Tomorrow we go home. It’s better to ask myself for forgiveness rather than permission. My soul puts up a wall to keep the darkness out, I wonder if it’s too late?

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