Dating, the Game & Mamacita’s Fire.

Those who truly know me know that I love exotic women. My personality attracts them too, especially those of Latina descent, so the fact that I just started dating a Cuban girl in Africa is awesome!

Some may find it awkward to date someone whose dated a friend or two, but this city is small. It just happens here more often than not. But I knew she was someone I wanted to spend time with when she only let me kiss her on the cheek the first night we went out…

Challenge Accepted. 

2nd date, it’s a random weekday and 2 cars worth of people are roaming around looking for the next spot. Her music was blasting through my Hi Def speakers, I drove faster than usual to get that heart racing, and when we pulled in to that dimly lit parking lot it just felt right.

Que fireworks!

 The only reason I stopped kissing those amazing soft lips were because we didn’t want any PDA in front of our mutual friends pulling up. Exhilarating and sensual and we both wanted more. Wow.

3rd date. Sunday sundowners by the ocean. A live band sets the mood. The Moscow mules become the group favorite and conversation and laughter flow naturally like the sax in the background. At the end if the night she sleeps over, my intentions are clear as day; this girl drives me crazy! What didn’t happen that night only made me want her more. I wonder whose playing this game better, but it almost doesn’t matter, I’m just enjoying it after so long.

So when two sexually charged people who clearly have feelings for each other take it “slow”, it’s like prolonged foreplay. And after spending another full day with my shortie later in the week she stayed over as we planned. The wine was amazing, we both love watching movies and are both foodies, so the steak dinner movie night was a hit to say the least. And when it all feels right and you dont rush it, something special happens…

It may even happen three times! Haha 😉

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