Healing scars with Intimacy

Almost two years since being cheated on and the divorce. Hence no hesitation in enjoying a disconnected lust with many beautiful women, no remorse.

The satisfaction and continual instant gratification now slowly becomes an empty hollow, filled with rising undealt sorrow and lonliness. It all of a sudden became meaningless.

Time heals all as the soul bares scars healing slowly from all the shit experiences, alcohol and substances. All the while the heart has built a thick concrete wall.

Things have to change. Knowing this is the first step. A spark turns to a flame turns to a fire. A reason to stop straying from a clean, healthy path is first my own desire to become better and a maybe a partner to share the climb of this ladder.

She makes me want to be loyal, her sex is on fire and she’s healing those scars by falling in love with me making me feel desirable in a long forgotten unfamiliar way.

But the wall isn’t coming down. The hugs and the kisses and the cuddling merely scratch the surface. I’ll give it time to see if anything changes. But for now this Phoenix revels in the flames.

Her Sex is on Fire.

Photo credit: http://www.patheos.com

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