In Cannes for a wedding, But…

4 days of ridiculous extravagance. I knew the family was wealthy, but nothing prepared me for what my boy had in store for us.

From amazing dinners (truffle shaved mac n cheese and tiramisu were super highlights) to beautiful events, each ceremony was breath taking. Money really does buy you the best, but then again this was a £5m+ wedding!

The after party highlights were just as good too. The club, Chrystie, was for the ballers. Hot women swooning for champagne, great dance and old school hip hop. This was my scene. And somehow I pulled one of the hottest girls, Lena, in the place! (I know how, dozens of shots a magnum of Dom Perignon, a 4.5L of goose, confidence and becoming boys with the manager! But that’s just how I roll!)

All I can say Is, if you ever find yourself in the south of France, and you’re in this club, ask for Robin. Tell him Ace sent you and have a cafe patron with him. Or talk to Nastia, the extremely sexy and crazy bar manager who gets her hunk bartenders to take off their shirts, haha. And if you are lucky she’ll take hers off too, oh those tattoos!

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