Is risking it for Love, worth it?

I had to walk away. I was spiralling, again… I really don’t have any faith we will get back together. It aches inside but I need to prepare myself for that fact. All it took was getting back in the gym after 3 weeks to have a moment of clarity.

Sweat out the toxins and literally pushing to become better can give you clarity.

“I can’t be the one to pacify him” – her words with a close friend when they were talking about us. “We’re not associated with each other anymore.” – so cold. Disconnected. Why did I try so hard to connect with her?

It took me two years to rebuild myself and my confidence and self worth after my ex wife set fire to our world. I’m actually angry at myself for wanting and caring about someone so much in such a short time. And to be torn down again, No… rather not see that this isn’t healthy, sooner.

To be made to be felt you are not worth fighting for. It’s the worst feeling. And no one should have the power to make you feel like that. Keep that inner strength for yourself.

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