Heart’s shattered, where’s the super glue.

Its been months since my last entry, so much good and bad has happened. An old flame rekindled, surviving business and gvmt witch hunts that almost put me in jail, stopping training and recently starting again, fighting through my eternal battle of controlling addictive social habits that I’m finally conquering…

Yet none of these important aspects in my life have brought me back to these digital pages, but rather this gorgeous soul of a close friend whom ive known and loved for 12 years, called me and broke my heart by telling me someone had shattered hers, 2 weeks before her destination wedding. Flabbergasted.

You can’t make this shit up. I broke down for a bit after speaking to her. She is the sweetest, most amazing fucking person alive, she’s the strength of her family and whomever she ends up with will be the luckiest man alive.

What were people telling me when my wife cheated on me? I barely remember… all that’s important is you don’t feel like your facing this alone. This is what I hope I can be for her in the next year. Always around and never alone. God is still showing me how long this kind of scar takes to heal. But it does. And her scar too shall be beautiful and make her stronger once her perspective changes and she builds herself up again.

Time especially, love and support are the super glue to healing a broken heart. We’re not supposed to put every piece back together. Sometimes leaving a piece behind after something happens is a good thing. You must always keep your head up and move forward.

…And to sharing this entry with you one day; love you lots lots!

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